Daily Archives: 17 August 2011

My love (22)

Holly and unholy day
Convicted by a diamond grey,
A cloud is more then I can see
Though, what you bring to me?

You bring more than lost,
You bring hate and dust.
All I want from you,
Is you to feel me too,
Feel the way I feel,
When I make a deal.

I can understand
How you make your stand
But I can’t forgive
What I was raised to believe.

Feel, feel,
All I say is real,
Real life, real me,
Can you not believe me??

I should,
Be understood
Though you do not believe
That I have all to give.

More than lust,
More than pain,
Is what you can gain.
By playing this foolish game…

When you believe, my love
Nothing is above.
You and me,
All we need to be…

Come and join
My wings with yours
Let’s be one
And no more sorrows.

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